Dorm room sex positions

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The era of the awkward high school hookup is over. And good riddance. At college, youve got a room mostly to yourself, a quad populated by hot coeds and a lifestyle suited to socializing with the opposite sex. This should mean that your creaky dorm bed should see plenty of action, right? Well, only if you're smart about it. There are still many ways it can all go wrong.

11 Dorm Room Sex Positions Every College Student Needs RN

How To Have Sex In A Dorm: 4 Sex Positions To Make It Easy

Dorm room sex is one part amazing, one part You'll be dealing with factors like roommates including the presence of their posters that pass for "art" and beds that are, quite frankly, too small for one person. And in your tiny room, you could have both some of the best orgasms of your life and some of your most dramatic sobbing sessions. Clearly, you're gonna need a plan , and that plan starts with having all the essentials on hand. Pack a sex bag, advises Chelsea Downs, co-founder of New York Toy Collective , a sex positive toy company specializing in gender affirmation gear. Listen, sex in a dorm room is a best of times, worst of times situation.

How To Have Incredible Sex In A Twin Bed

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Particularly when you realize that sometimes limitations force you to be more creative. This is how the Dorm Room Kama Sutra came into existence. What is the Dorm Room Kama Sutra?