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Anyone else watch this roller coaster of a show? Anyare sa sinasabi ni Sora sa Kubo nyu Pareng Haru? Esos se pasan de Berenjena con el amor de hermanos :v anime: Yosuga no Sora -Cless-. Onii-Chan Onii-Chan! Haha oops. Log In Sign Up.

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The game was originally released for Windows PC on December 5, It was adapted into a serialized manga and a TV anime series. A fan disc titled Haruka na Sora was released later on October 24, which contains short scenarios such as Kozue and Yahiro routes as well as a continuation of Sora's route [1]. Two twins - Haruka and Sora , are going back to their grandfather's house. The two visited this house many times when they were kids and they still remember it. A while ago, they lost their parents in a car accident and they decided to move and live at their grandfather's house Nao , their old friend, Ryouhei , his classmate, Akira , a miko at a neighboring shrine, Kazuha , Akira's close friend and Kozue, the class rep, welcome them.

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