The backdoor to limbo

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At the opening of Limbo , Flora is confronted by the nagging reality of not having enough money to keep her organization afloat. When sand is stolen from a resort development owned by a wealthy donor, she becomes embroiled in corrupt politics, dirty money, and a murder. Can Flora get anyone to be held accountable? As we keep pace with the indefatigable, irrepressible Flora, we experience the not-so-tidy challenges of balancing a valiant public persona with a chaotic personal life. Through her attempts at transforming the world and herself, we encounter deep friendship, new love, and the complexities of contemporary Jamaica, a place of achingly exquisite but threatened beauty, routine brutality, and poorly hidden secrets.

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For filmen , se Limbo film. Tamara has also starred in the independent film Limbo Lounge , directed by Tom Pankratz. In and Played over a montage near the end of the film. Daydream Believer.
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