Curious about spanking stories

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Greetings, ASSville. Finally, I managed to finish a brand dare I say it? If this sort of story bothers you, offends you or squicks you, please read no further! The content of this story does not, in any way, imply that I approve of the practice of spanking as a punishment for children.

Spanking curiousity

Spanking curiousity

It was something I knew was there and wanted very much and for the longest time I wondered if anyone felt like me. Then one day I was taken out of class by my father to go on a family outing and had to miss the school play. As a result my head teacher deemed that I should miss the Christmas party or some of it and go and sit in the detention room. I was sat down unsupervised with a self-proclaimed naughty girl who had also run afoul of the head mistress.

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My name is Shona Jenkinson. I am currently nearing the end of my first term at University where I have embarked on a degree in Accountancy. However, the events I wish to relate to you occurred in my final year at St Marys School for Girls which I attended until a few months ago. I should perhaps first describe myself to you. I have just celebrated my nineteenth birthday and am often told I am an attractive young lady.
This series consists of a bunch of stories where characters are introduced to spankings for the first time, whether it be on the receiving or delivering end or as spectators. It was as if all of the stars and planets had aligned for her to be so lucky as to witness what she had witnessed that day. To think that, even that very morning, she would have been absolutely offended at so much as the implication that anyone would still spank their kids. Was she going crazy, turning into a sicko?