Adult sized big wheels

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Cruise the mean streets of suburbia and be a kid again with the High Roller drift trike - the Big Wheels for adults. It's about time. Featured on the Jimmy Fallon show these things are hilarious. Featuring a glossy red body, bright yellow seat, classic big wheel front tire and two wide and low back wheels, complete with tasseled handlebars this thing is one sweet ride. If you can manage to eat ice cream at the same time.

Adult Big Wheel Tricycle

Grown Man Fun: High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Drift Trike

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A Very Happy Man On An Adult-Sized Big Wheel

This was one of the happiest moments in my adult life. Normally I am not a fan of pictures showing the entire expanse of my body, but now is not the time for such concerns. HIgh Roller designer and CEO had an excellent idea, one that many giant children often ponder but never act upon.
Feel like a little kid all over again by reliving your glorious trike days on this adult big wheel tricycle. This over-sized trike boasts a comfortable chair and sturdy frame so that you can ride hard without accidentally loosing your balance and falling over. Redefine what it means to live on the edge when you take the helm of the motorized drifting tricycle. Turn your grueling cardio workouts into a fun filled social event with the seven person tricycle. This recreational vehicle accommodates you and six of your closest friends so that everyone can enjoy the fresh air while conversing and taking in the rolling vistas.