Foxy x male reader lemon

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Deviation Actions. Add to Favourites. By MedLog. Published: Jun 4, See More by MedLog. The marshmallow male walked along the banks of the candy kingdom.

A dream or A Nightmare

Fnaf x Reader One Shots - Foxy x Male! Reader - Wattpad

Okay so like i read other male readers x other five nights at freddy's fanfiction but like i wanted to do one as well because there was barely Foxy x Male Reader. But something strange was going to happen to you but you didn't notice in the game foxy never left his spot which was very strange, everytime you look at foxy in the camera you notice his looking dead at you but you was thinking your mind was playing tricks on you. Suddenly your head begin to hurt and before you fell unconscious all you hear was celebration music which means you survived the second night. You begin to look around and before you went to find golden Freddy you felt a shadow hanging over you. You turned around to find Freddy and before you know it you ran off screaming leaving a shocked bonnie, laughing chica, and a pissed foxy. You clam yourself and looked on the screens seeing them talking to each other.

Glitchtrap x child reader lemon

Request from Rainbow-Sparta First time doing a male reader wish me luck! You were the child of the bite of Foxy had malfunctioned while you were standing near him, and the next thing you knew he lunged at you and you were on your knees crying. You were only 5 at the time Your father had walked out on you and your mother when you were little so you just lived with your mom.
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