Virtual sex life

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Having sex using your phone, computer, or other technology with someone you may or may not know is a lot less taboo than it used to be. From sending a nude Snapchat photo to having phone sex to masturbating with your partner on video chat, here's a crash course on what virtual sex is and how to have it safely. Virtual sex is anything sexual in nature happening in a digital space, according to psychotherapist Ashley D. Sweet, M. It includes any type of sexual activity on or with the internet.

Brits love virtual sex regardless of lockdown, study finds

How to Have Great Virtual Sex: 21 Types, Tips, Techniques, and More

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. We believe pleasure is a fundamental aspect of a safe and healthy sex life. So, sexting, Snapchat sexing, dirty DMing, Kik kinking, Twitter teasing, as well as digital sex parties, virtual threesomes, virtual reality porn, and app-controlled toy play all qualify.

4 Virtual Sex Tips You Need for a Hot, Safe Time That’s Not Awkward at All

Whether you think of yourself as a virtual sex pro or not, the truth is we were already using tech in our every day sex lives pre-lockdown without even realising it. Dating apps , sliding into the DMs , sexting , Skype and WhatsApp were all helping us to facilitate casual hook ups , relationship sex and sexually charged flirting. What were once the tools we used mainly to build up to real life, in-person sex are now serving as the only way some of us are sexually connecting at all. When being physically touched by the other person is suddenly off the table, you become hyperaware of all the other ways we sexually consume each other. While this can be positive and gently push you towards trying something fun and new, it can also backfire.
Cyber sex has been around since the beginning of the internet, but the technology of today has made it much more prevalent. From sexting to FaceTime sessions, couples everywhere who can't be together physically are getting down virtually. But when you're new to virtual sex, it can seem intimidating or even embarrassing. In order to help ease the angst of virtual virgins and up the game of seasoned veterans, POPSUGAR spoke to several experts on how to have a fulfilling virtual sex life.