The pleasures of sex

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Do you love to have sex? Scientists know that sex is a pleasurable experience for most women. But how and why does it feel so good to have sex? These four stages are experienced by both men and women and can occur during intercourse or masturbation. Women can experience several orgasms with continued sexual stimulation. Men must wait after an orgasm to have another.

Why is sex pleasurable?

What is sexual pleasure? | Zanzu

Sexual pleasure usually begins when you feel sexual desire. Very often it also involves emotions, for example: sharing intimacy or feeling happy while caressing each other. If your body is stimulated, you can get aroused. Your body can go through several phases of arousal.

What is sexual pleasure?

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Although the genitals are a key part of sex, its pleasurable sensations involve many parts of the body. Pleasurable sex heavily depends on the brain, which releases hormones that support sexual pleasure and interpret stimulation as pleasurable. One study suggests that the brain could be the most important sexual organ.
Good sex can come down to good communication — how well you and your partner can articulate your needs and desires. After analyzing the results from an international qualitative study, the researchers, Devon J. The team then looked closer into these four techniques using a cross-sectional, online, national probability survey of 3, American women ages 18— In other words, they looked at the specific sexual moves and methods that turned them on.