Subtext buttsex

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Nothing like waiting until the last minute! And here we have another post of a months old fic of mine to pass the time while I continue to not be writing my DSB Winter Challenge….. A full on, temples throbbing, gritting his teeth, squinting even though he is wearing sunglasses headache- and he hates his brother. Read it on AO3 here. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about dean and cas spooning when cas has wings and how dean would grumble a lot about having to be the little spoon because of basic mechanics and comfort but how he secretly loves being wrapped up in cas, feeling his warm, powerful body behind him.

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you can't spell subtext without buttsex!

Oh, right, because it actually acknowledges what happened, and how exactly Jared got hurt. Kripke, at least, seems to think it was the wrong way to handle it, and it never even occurred to him that Jensen would do it that way. As Jensen fans, would you want to unknowingly support a future SPN project that was created that way? Thank you! Wincest and j2 are different?


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Subtext or undertone is content of a book, play, musical work, film, video game, or television series which is not announced explicitly by the characters but is implicit or becomes something understood by the observer of the work as the production unfolds. Subtext can also refer to the thoughts and motives of the characters which are only covered in an aside. Subtext can also be used to imply controversial subjects without specifically alienating people from the fiction, often through use of metaphor. Subtext is content underneath the spoken dialogue. Under dialogue, there can be conflict, anger, competition, pride, showing off, or other implicit ideas and emotions.