Street fighter poison is a guy

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Poison (Final Fight) - Wikipedia

Honda, Lucia and Poison. The latter, of course, has been a favorite of Capcom fans since her introduction in She has a unique fighting style as well as a provocative look that wasn't common in that era. However, the defining trait of Poison has always been her controversial origins. So much so that it has affected her design, personality and even her fighting style and move set. Poison's story starts long before her inclusion in the Street Fighter series. So let's go in-depth and cover one of the most controversial characters in the Capcom stable.

Street Fighter’s Poison is a metaphor for the evolution of trans characters

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No recent wiki edits to this page. Originally designed by Akira Yasuda , Poison first appears in the second level of Capcom's Final Fight as one of the standard enemies encountered as beat'em-up fodder. Roxy , a palette-swapped version of Poison, is often paired with her. Her first playable appearance came in Final Fight Revenge , a fighting game featuring a roster comprised of characters from the original Final Fight.