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The land down under is full of mystery for a lot of people. It is a country that is located on the other side of the world and they do things a little differently. They have summer when the rest of the world has winter, and they are a day ahead on everything. They also have some of the most attractive men in the world. However, there are more than just a handful of homegrown, ordinary Australian men who are magnificent. There are also certain things to know about Australian men and how they work.

23 Hot (Mostly Shirtless) Australian Dudes We Heart

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Eric Bana. Australia is now only known for wild animals such as kangaroo, koala, echidna, dingo, platypus and wallaby. Many world-famous actors call this geographically large country home. But not all good-looking men in Australia are actors.

The 17 Hottest Australian Men Today

Despite being crowned the winners of the hottest nationality in the world last year, Australian men - who are known for their sun-kissed skin and athletic bodies - lost their mojo this year and dropped down to second place. In the survey of over 66, American women, Australian hunks such as year-old Chris and year-old Liam Hemsworth were seen as attractive, however they were just pipped to first place post by the Irish. And while the Aussie fellas were within touching distance of the top accolade, Australia's beautiful women were only voted in sixth place, with Armenian, Barbadian, American, Colombian and English ladies being voted sexier in the poll conducted by travel dating website MissTrave l. Liam Hemsworth left and Chris Hemsworth right were two of the reasons Australian men were voted the second sexiest in the world. Out of the thousands of women questioned, the nationality deemed most alluring was Irish following the huge success of popular film 50 Shades of Grey, which starred Irish heartthrob Jamie Dornan.
Blame it on the sun-bleached hair and surf-toned abs, but we simply can't get enough of the men from Down Under. In honor of Chris Hemsworth's 32nd birthday, these are the hottest Aussie men taking the Northern Hemisphere by storm. Bazaar Bride.