Rose of sharon cassidy

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Katy Webb is running for administrator of Nukapedia. Click here to vote! Cass mentions that her father left to once more wander the wastes while she was still young, and she was raised by her mother, a former tribal from east of the Colorado River. When first encountered by the Courier , Cass is drowning her sorrows at the Mojave Outpost bar. NCR Ranger reports have reached her that her caravan has been attacked and "burned to ash," placing an even greater burden on her shoulders. However, threats along the road into New Vegas and problems with NCR paperwork have so far prevented her from leaving the outpost to investigate the attack.


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Cass is one of the companions the player can recruit in Fallout: New Vegas. She is a merchant who worked inside the New California Republic until her caravan was destroyed. She can be found inside the Mojave Outpost drinking her sorrows away. By passing a speech check or by giving her whiskey, players are able to travel the Mojave Wasteland with Cass. Naturally, players will discover bits of information about Cass as she wanders the wastes alongside them. Some information comes from her past, while other bits of information are related to her career as a merchant.

Rose of Sharon Cassidy

She was a water merchant and owner of Cassidy Caravans in the Mojave Wasteland in She was also a possible companion of the Courier. Worn down by years of hard luck and a rash of terrible misfortunes, Cass was a despondent merchant that wanted to get out of the caravan business. NCR Ranger reports had reached her that her caravan had been attacked and "burned to ash," placing an even greater burden on her shoulders.
Fallout: New Vegas features a lot of call backs to previous Fallout titles, one of the most notable being the optional companion, Rose of Sharon Cassidy. She ended up running her family's caravan company, Cassidy Caravans, traveling across the New California Republic and Mojave Wasteland regularly. Unfortunately, after learning her caravan was ambushed and destroyed while she was away, players will find her at the NCR's Mojave Outpost, drowning her sorrows with booze. While player can talk to her, it'll be a while before she can be recruited. She'll assign a series of decent paying jobs, one of which is to buy out the now defunct Cassidy Caravans from Cass back at the Mojave Outpost.