Roberto esquivel cabrera fake

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Roberto Esquivel Cabrera became an overnight star after claiming to have an After refusing to get a reduction on his manhood, believed to stretch lower than his knees, Cabrera also claimed that he had to be registered as disabled. But a doctor has poured cold water over his claims, alleging that the real length of his penis is far smaller. Radiologist Dr Jesus Pablo Gil Muro claimed Cabrera, 54, refused to take off the bandages around his penis when he went to be examined, forcing them to conduct a CT scan. It goes just before the knee.

Man with 'world's longest penis' exposed as 'a fake' after claiming it measured 18.9 inches

Man with 'world's biggest penis' is a liar and it's actually just 6ins long | Metro News

For a male, the size of his manhood plays an important role. But in the case of this Mexican man, year-old Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, it is the penis size which makes him an unfortunate person. The penis size of Saltilloa resident Roberto is 19 inches. The average penis size around the world is 5.

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However, he refused to remove the bandages that he wears on his penis and refused to let Dr Muro see any skin. It goes just before the knee. But the penis itself is about 16cm to 18cm from the pubis.
Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, from Saltillo, Mexico, gained worldwide attention on his appendage after claiming that it is However, if a doctor is to be believed, the Mexican can just be making tall tales, with suggestions his member is only six inches long. Radiologist Dr Jesus Pablo Gil Muro, who has examined Roberto, threw the world record claims into doubt when he said the man refused to take off all the bandages and would not let him see the skin.