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Tina Gonzalez, 26, took responsibility for her crimes at the Fresno County jail, but also had been made vulnerable by the recent end of her marriage, her attorney said. A California corrections officer who had sex with an inmate in full view of 11 others will serve days locked up, followed by two years of probation. According to Fresno TV station KSEE , the sheriff's office began to investigate after staff members were tipped in December to a county jail inmate with a cell phone who also was said to be in a sexual relationship with the officer. A search of the inmate's cell turned up the phone, and Gonzalez quit the sheriff's office after being interviewed by detectives, the outlet reports.

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Despite it being illegal for prison staff to have sexual relations with inmates, Gonzalez cut her uniform so she could have sex with a prisoner while 11 others watched according to a report by Metro. That is something only a depraved mind can come up with. Gonzalez also supplied the inmate with razors and a cell phone and she would regularly warn him when his cell was going to be searched. She pleaded guilty to sexual activity by a detention facility employee with a consenting inmate, as well as possessing drugs or alcohol and a cell phone to give to an inmate in April. Her defence said she was vulnerable at the time of the crime as it happened just after her marriage had ended. The judge did not give her the maximum sentence for this crime, three years and eight months, saying he took note of her early plea and her lack of a previous criminal record. I think what you did was terrible, stupid and you have ruined your career.


According to The Daily Telegraph , Sydney prison guard Melissa Goodwin, 25, admitted to charges she had sex with an inmate this week. The suspended Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre in Silverwater officer pleaded guilty through her lawyer to one count of engaging in a relationship with inmate Corey London, though her lawyer also alleged the facts were disputed. Goodwin donned a fitted black dress and cape as she fronted Burwood Local Court on Wednesday. In exchange for the Sydney prison guard admitting to sex with an inmate, a charge of misconduct in a public office was dropped. Goodwin allegedly smuggled a packet of White Ox loose tobacco, two cigarette lighters and chewing gum to the same inmate she was having sex with, according to court documents.
A female corrections officer in California has been sentenced to jail for reportedly having sex with an incarcerated man in front of 11 other inmates. Tina Gonzalez, 26, cut a hole in the pants of her uniform to make it easier to have sex while working as a Fresno Country corrections officer, according to The Fresno Bee. Gonzalez began working at the county jail in , the Bee reported.