Naughty places to have sex

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. With the right person and the right mood, sex anywhere can feel pretty darn thrilling. That said, getting it on in a particularly extraordinary place has a way of heightening the experience.

FOXSexpert: The 20 Riskiest Places to Have Sex

FOXSexpert: The 20 Riskiest Places to Have Sex | Fox News

Are you looking to spice up your relationship, and making unforgettable memories with your partner? Then finding crazy places to have sex is one easy way to make that happen. The exhilaration of doing something different has a way of making sex hotter and unforgettable. Plus, finding new and fun places to do it will improve your sex life, and generally improve your sex-drive. If you want to find out the best crazy places for sexual encounters, then continue reading. It might also become a thing for you and your partner.

30 People Share The Weirdest Place They’ve Ever Had Sex

Anyone can have sex in a bed Just like with real estate, it's all about, "Location, location, location. Some people have sex every day —and the results are nothing but positive. Others, less frequently.
Great sex requires the trust and intimate knowledge of your boyfriend or husband. A period of absence can help. Sex in public can be the most exciting way to experience a sexual connection with your partner. In , a Wisconsin couple managed just this , after they had been arrested for drunk driving.