Naked beaver

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Thompson St. Flagstaff, AZ Office: Fax: Contact Us. A perennially flowing stream in a desert environment, Wet Beaver Creek offers a unique and precious habitat for wildlife and plants. Closer to the creek, cottonwoods and sycamores trees are a dominate plant.

Naked Beaver

The Naked Prey - Cornel Wilde

Long-lived rodents have become an attractive model for the studies on aging. To understand evolutionary paths to long life, we prepare chromosome-level genome assemblies of the two longest-lived rodents, Canadian beaver Castor canadensis and naked mole rat NMR, Heterocephalus glaber , which were scaffolded with in vitro proximity ligation and chromosome conformation capture data and complemented with long-read sequencing. Our comparative genomic analyses reveal that amino acid substitutions at "disease-causing" sites are widespread in the rodent genomes and that identical substitutions in long-lived rodents are associated with common adaptive phenotypes, e. By employing a newly developed substitution model and likelihood ratio test, we find that energy and fatty acid metabolism pathways are enriched for signals of positive selection in both long-lived rodents. Thus, the high-quality genome resource of long-lived rodents can assist in the discovery of genetic factors that control longevity and adaptive evolution. Keywords: aging; beaver; chromosome-level assembly; evolutionary analyses; gene expression; genome; long-lived rodents; longevity; naked mole rat; stress resistance.

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