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This story from Knifer has been read 2 2 1 8 3 times. I lived alone with only my mother. My mother had been the only real family member I had throughout my life. She smiled at me as I approached the table. I walked behind her and set a small device on her neck. It began to glow red.

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This story from Knifer has been read 8 7 5 0 times. I was laying back thinking. Only one thought graced my mind. The thought of her.
I know you have a PHD in Chemistry, but do you really think you can come up with an aphrodisiac that really works. Given what we know about human anatomy, sexual arousal, hormones, what goes on in your bodies when aroused, in addition to what goes on with in us physiological, it is more than … Continue reading Sexual Elixir. Tina was not a very happy girl. Her mum had recently got remarried so she now had a stepsister Dawn who at sixteen years of age was two years older than what she was, Tina and Dawn became friends quite quickly but her step brother Simon who was two years younger than what she was … Continue reading Obeying.