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The sociologist stated that there are lesbians in Iran as in many other societies in the world. Lesbianism is prevalent and is a phenomenon that has existed for a long time. The sociologist added that many Iranian women would engage in lesbian acts to satisfy their sexual desires before being married to a man. This situation is the result of the strict code of conduct regulating male-female relationship in Iran where it is easier and socially acceptable to be close to people of the same gender. Women coming from traditional families are more likely to experience same-sex relationship than liberal families because of the strict control on their behaviour towards men.

LGBT rights in Iran

LGBT rights in Iran - Wikipedia

Homosexuality is considered sinful in predominantly Muslim Iran, and homosexual acts are illegal. When Sara came out to her family nine years ago at the age of 20, she was sent to a psychologist who declared after one minute consultation that she should have a sex change. My sister had brought a photo along, taken when I was maybe 5 years old. I had never had problems with my female body. I had emotions towards girls, rather than boys, but I could only imagine myself as a girl loving another girl, not as a man.

Living with my lesbian partner where it's illegal to be gay

This report was developed through interviews with 34 trans Iranians, within and outside Iran, as well as through research into a wide range of text-based sources and through limited responses from the Iranian government. This report is intended primarily as a resource for the Iranian trans community and for trans rights advocates working in and around Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran conceptualizes trans people through the clinical framework of gender identity disorder GID and, in response, provides limited subsidized support to specific forms of transition- related healthcare—including gender confirmation surgery GCS , hormone replacement therapy HRT , and various forms of psychosocial counseling. Press Release ». Download executive summary ».
Sexual activity between members of the same sex is illegal and can be punishable by up to death, and people can legally change their assigned sex only through a sex reassignment surgery. LGBT rights in Iran have come in conflict with the penal code since the s. Same-sex sexual activities are punishable by imprisonment, [2] corporal punishment , fines, or execution.