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Kira Kosarin is sad about saying goodbye to The Thundermans and her character Phoebe - but she can't wait to show fans the real her. The year-old actress, from New Jersey, has starred in the Nickelodeon show since , but it will soon air its final episode. She plays Phoebe Thunderman, who comes from a family with super powers who do their best to live normal lives in the town of Hiddenville. While Phoebe dreams of being the next big superhero, her twin brother Max Jack Griffo wants to be a supervillain. Kira spent the weekend in Blackpool at Nickelodeon's Slimefest, where she performed with Diversity as well as helping Jordan Banjo and Perri Kiely host the show. She told us: "It was so fun being Phoebe, she was a great character to get to play and it was fun to play her as she changed over the years, as I grew up and she grew up, it was a dream come true. She added: "Nickelodeon has kind of sent me around the world and I got to travel so much with the show that I had all those really great opportunities growing up and I'm really thankful for them so it's amazing.

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The Thundermans is a new Nickelodeon sitcom about a family of superheroes trying to live a normal life in the suburbs. Actress Kira Kosarin plays year-old daughter to the family, Phoebe Thunderman. We chatted with Kira Kosarin about getting to where she is today, and the best parts of being on the Thundermans cast! Acting was in Kira ' s blood from the start. Both of her parents were Broadway actors, so Kira grew up around theater and always knew she wanted to be a performer.
We interviewed actress Kira Kosarin, who stars as Phoebe Thunderman on one of our favorite Nickelodeon shows, "The Thundermans," when she was in Manhattan recently. We are also looking forward to her new movie, "Tripwrecked," because it stars many other Nickoledeon stars. It will be released next month. It's absolutely awesome.