How to suck balls

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Your guy's request is far from unusual. Sucking on his testicles can make for an incredibly sensational experience -- and you'll double his pleasure if you simultaneously fondle his shaft. Next time you're giving him south-of-the-border oral action, take a sexy detour and move your mouth from his main member to the rest of his package. Swirl the tip of your tongue around his scrotum -- the loose sac of skin that surrounds the testicles. Then, lick his balls with long, sweeping strokes as if you were savoring a delicious ice cream cone.

Guys Share the Hottest Thing a Woman Has Ever Done to Their Balls

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We give all kinds of tips about oral sex, and many of them include "don't forget the boys," or "play with his balls. If you're not into such frank sexy talk, avert your eyes. First of all, your BF sounds like a very lucky guy. I genuinely hope all my readers, male and female, give as much thought and attention to their oral performance. In your case, ATB, I hope your guy returns this favor just as intently.

All the Best Tips for Licking and Sucking Someone's Balls

Sure, the testicles can be tricky to handle, but there are plenty of creative ways to play ball that go beyond the cup-and-squeeze. Don't believe us? Here, six dudes share a play-by-play of the moves that have made them go, ahem, nuts. She took them in her mouth one at a time and made humming sounds. The vibration felt amazing, especially when she moved into a lower pitch—I had to think about my grandma just to keep from coming too fast.
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