How to play with a girls boobs

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Big or small or in between, your boobs are sexy, functional, and make you look pretty damn great in a bikini. So instead of just coexisting with your girls, why not get to know them a little better? We rounded up 31 fun, silly, and smart ways to have a blast with your boobs. Dress them up. The best lingerie can take your pair from cute to Christina Hendricks OK, not really, but you get the point. Find the sexiest style for your shape and don it under everything from an LBD to your work clothes.

How to Treat Breasts The Right Way

16 Sexy Breast Play Tips Your Partner Will Love

It's a truth universally acknowledged that breasts are incredibly awesome. Whether they're big or small, perky or slightly saggy, or real or surgically enhanced, boobs are a lot of fun to look at—not to mention touch. So you probably want to know how to play with them in a way that's pleasurable for both you and your partner. Luckily, there's a very simple answer to this question: just ask your partner what they like!

Your Breasts Are an Underappreciated Erogenous Zone—Here Are 11 Titillating Ways To Engage Them

Sweater Puppies. So many words to describe such delightful parts of the body. Some folks like it whisper gentle. But no matter where on the intensity scale you lie, breast play can be a lot of fun, either as foreplay or as the main event. Steve McGough, associate professor of clinical sexology and director of research and development at Women and Couples Wellness , tells Bustle.
But the first rule of successful breast play? Don't neglect the areas around your areola. O'Reilly says. Ready to learn more about how to play with boobs to a titillating effect? Below, three sexperts share their breast advice couldn't help it when it comes to breast play.