Harley quinn and ivy kiss

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The moment was a long time coming, and was a culmination of something that had been building ever since the show's first episode. What, did you really think that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were just friends?! Fans of the villainous vixens have known for years that there's something special between the duo, and we have the receipts! Here are the 5 most romantic moments between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.


DC Artist Shares Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's ORIGINAL First Canon Kiss

As someone fresh out of an abusive relationship, season one Harley needed to take the time to rediscover herself and figure out what kind of presence she wanted to be in Gotham city. Instead, the series told a much more heartfelt, moving story about how true love has to develop organically over time. Keep tabs on your health With a large emphasis on biometric health data, one key new feature is an enhancement to their sleep tracking. Before there was Harley Quinn, there was Dr. But while Harley puts her degree to good use in trying to figure the Joker out, she also spends a small, but not insignificant time interacting with Ivy. At the time, Ivy was her most vicious self, ready to murder any and everyone dumb enough to get too close to her and whatever plants she could get her hands on.


It finally happened! Last night, ComicBook hosted a Quarantine Watch Party of the two most recent episodes, and we learned a lot of behind-the-scenes info from the show's executive producers. While there were a lot of fun tweets about the new episode circulating Twitter yesterday, no moment received the same amount of attention as the big kiss. While it was no secret that a romance between the characters was coming , the kiss managed to feel like a well-earned surprise.
Harley Quinn artist Chad Hardin has shared the original, unedited version of Harley and Poison Ivy's first in-continuity kiss -- revealing that the moment underwent a small but very significant change prior to its publication. While Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy had already been romantically involved in out-of-continuity DC Comics projects, even sharing a kiss in DC Bombshells , the pair didn't have their first in-continuity kiss until 's Harley Quinn As part of its Pride Month celebration, DC recently shared the panel containing the kiss on Twitter as part of a discussion regarding queer-coded characters. Hardin responded to the tweet , writing, "I have the unedited art if you want to post that too.