Hand down her pants

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Q: My daughter 5 has a habit of putting her hand down her pants, even when other people are around. Often, it's when she's engrossed in TV or something, and she doesn't even seem aware of it. I don't want to give her hang-ups by telling her off, but it's embarrassing, and a bit of a worry in public when you do not know how others are reacting especially potential paedophiles. I've also noticed that she seems a bit sore down there at times.

About last night: My daughter has a habit of putting her hands down her pants

McDonald's employee is filmed reaching her hand down the back of her trousers | Daily Mail Online

In a video that is spreading like wildfire, a McDonald's employee in US state of Missouri is seen sticking her hand down her trousers before serving French fries much to the disgust of people. Gross much? The clip, which was shared on TikTok has garnered more than 2. It shows a woman working in a McDonald's uniform standing in front of the fry station with her left hand down the back of her trousers, exposing her underwear. An American customer, who appea rs to be filming the encounter , asks the w oman to get him his large fries. Putting on a wide smile, she removes her hand from her trousers, and uses it to grab some fries from the counter to put in the box before handing it to him. The episode has expectedly left McDonald's lovers in disgust, with many calling for the company to shut its operations as they won't be ordering from them again.

How do I stop my boy putting his hands down his pants?

By Carly Stern For Dailymail. A video of a Missouri McDonald's employee sticking her hand down her trousers before serving French fries has put many viewers off their lunch. The clip, which has been viewed 2.
Question: My seven-year-old son has got into the habit of putting his hands down his pants and leaving them there. He tends to do it while watching TV and it seems purely a comfort thing. I tell him to stop and he takes his hands away but then a few minutes later he puts them back.