Girls watching gays videos

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Mainstream porn films traditionally feature at least one scene of two ladies getting it on. It is not difficult to understand why so many heterosexual men enjoy lesbian lovemaking. Scenes that are female-only remove any possibility that the viewer could get turned on by another man. Yet there is evidence that ladies are looking at erotica created for gay guys in unexpected numbers.

Why are so many women watching male gay porn?

When no one is looking, many women are watching gay porn

Women actually watch a surprisingly large amount of man-on-man porn — and most women imagine themselves as men while doing so. Man-on-man porn was the second-most popular choice for female visitors to Pornhub, researchers found. Arch Manning, nephew of Peyton and Eli, has spent the fall visiting college football's best programs. Here are top contenders for the prized recruit. Lorenzo Reyes is back with his best bets for Week 7. Aaron Rodgers, no stranger to heckling at different cities around the NFL, shouted out Eagles fans this week in a hilarious way. By Adam Hermann.

Women watch lots of gay porn (and imagine themselves as men)

Since the inception of pornography, men have loved to watch two or more women have sex. That's why it comes as no surprise that lesbian porn has consistently dominated PornHub searches for well over a decade. But what is a little surprising is that that women are watching gay porn, too.
It is also revealed in this study that 18 to year-old women are 24 percent more likely to watch gay male porn than other age groups. Heterosexual porn is predominately made for and by men, meaning it rarely caters to what women want to see. So for a lot of women that makes for uncomfortable viewing. Women consuming male-on-male erotica is far from a new phenomenon. It has a huge following and is primarily written by and marketed toward young women.