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Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission. On the Venn diagram of strange animal mating behaviors — from lobster golden showers to garter-snake orgies — duck sex is on the border between cartoonish and sadistic. And it all begins with the duck penis.

This Is How Ducks Have Sex And It's Pretty Incredible

How To Sex A Duck - The Happy Chicken Coop

To sum up, duck sex is the result of an evolutionary arms race between aggressive male ducks and often unwilling females. Ducks are one of the few birds with penises. They explode out of their body like 4th of July snakes to as much as 9 inches in length. Even weirder, male ducks grow a new corkscrew penis each year that can vary in size depending on the amount of competition from other duck dudes. Females, in turn, have evolved vaginas full of blind pockets that make it more difficult for unwanted ducks to reach places of fertilization or sperm storage.

How do ducks have sex with their corkscrew-shaped penises?

It appears you're using Internet Explorer or an early version of Edge, which is a bit like watching a black-and-white TV with "rabbit ears. I suggest you upgrade to Chrome or Firefox. In the sensitive matters of courtship and reproduction, birds seal it with a kiss.
Because ducks — yes, cute, quacking, couply ducks — have one of the darkest sex lives of all animals. You may feel confused reading this. In fact, this is just the first of many illusions we will regretfully shatter here. Bird experts call this seasonal monogamy. The actual process of pairing up can be extremely competitive.