Deadpool and shiklah daughter

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Not many people know but Deadpool has actually sired multiple children, the most interesting amongst them being Eleanor Camacho. Together they were to battle the White Man, who was terrorizing shopkeepers of a neighborhood. The White Man had received a power cane from the Mandarin to boost his power. Carmelita Camacho was the daughter of one of the Shopkeepers Deadpool rescued. They made love.

Deadpool 2099 (Warda Wilson)

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Shiklah hid Warda's existence from Wade and nobody knew she existed until she came for blood. He says that nobody finds Deadpool, she finds them. She warns them to leave her be if they want to live, and orders her dragon to go faster. She admits that while she talks a big game, she can't take on the entire NYPD. Her dragon comments that maybe she needs to stop all the robbery and murder. Deadpool warns her dragon that he sounds like her father, whom she killed. She flings bombs back at the NYPD, who call in back-up to deal with her.

Insane Facts About Deadpool’s Daughter – Eleanor Camacho

After Shiklah disappeared under unknown circumstances, Warda attacked her father and Emily Preston , revealing herself to them and demanding to know where her mother was. Wade claimed to have no memory of where Shiklah was, and Warda took his identity for herself, becoming Deadpool with a legion of Bobs as her underlings. In A. Wade's other daughter Ellie Preston resurfaced and went after Warda by attacking her operations with Rose , stealing the holodrive with her mother from Wade's old storeroom and finally breaking her father out of his decades-long imprisonment.
Did you know that Deadpool had a daughter? He does. Her name is Elle and even Deadpool wasn't aware that she existed until fairly recently. The thing is, Elle's a mutant, and things only stay "relatively normal" for mutants for so long. Things are definitely not normal in the year