Fat ass k9

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Warning: This post describes disgusting bodily functions. When I was starting veterinary school, I visualized myself as "the boy-wonder equine surgeon". Had I known how much of my life would be involved with anal sacs, I might well have made a different career choice. Sometimes people call them "anal glands" instead of "anal sacs". I believe this may be to avoid the aural confusion between "anal sacs" and "anal sex". Believe me, that is not nearly as funny as you think it is when it really happens in the exam room.

Anal Sac Problems

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They both individually wanted a dog named Max when they were kids. While Max might have a personality all his own, he shares his name with almost dogs registered in Riverside County. Max is the fourth most-common dog name in the county and the second most-common male dog name, according to data from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services. There are lots of Lalas, Cookies, Shadows and Peanuts in the data. If you call Pugsley, for example, 12 dogs will come but only eight of them will be a pug or pug mix. Included in the data is a dachshund named Ragoo and an Akita named Toshiba. There are more, if you count the incorrectly spelled Chewbaccas.

How That Butt-to-Butt Stage of Dog Mating Happens

But then he dismounts and turns to face away from his mate, with his penis still stuck inside her. The pair may stay that way for 5 minutes, or they may be tied for up to 40 minutes. The lock is the result of a combination of penile inflation and vaginal squeeze.
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